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Bulk Ink Supply System 4 Colours

Made in China

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This non-stop bulk ink system is designed for high volume printing demands. It's extremely easy to be installed to your printer and you can refill the ink during printing. Minimize ink waste and continuously printing without interruption. This unit is listed with four ink tanks and 4 cartridges or 8 cartridges depends what you choose. Each tank can hold 1.5L ink, and cartridge holds 220mml 

  • Product Name: Bulk Ink Supply System 
  • No. of Colour: 4. C M Y K
  • No. of Cartridge:  4 or 8(Double 4)
  • Ink-Low Detector:  No
  • Capacity of Cartridge: 220ml
  • Capacity of Ink Tank: 1.5L


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