Solvent Ink for Konica 512 Printhead 42pl

Solvent Ink for Konica 512 Printhead 42pl

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Allcolor light odor /mild solvent ink are perfect for your solvent printing. with high quality raw material and special formulated, excellent ink fluency, fast drying and suitable for high speed printing .


Colour Range:    K.C.M.Y.Lc.LM
Package :    5L/Bottle, 4 Bottles / Box
Surface Tension:    25~35 dynes/cm
Viscosity:    8-12 cp
PH:    6.5~ 7.5
Solvent:    Ester
Flash Point:    65 °C
Partial Size:    < 0.20 
Smell:    Light
Operation Temperature:  18 to 30 °C
Relative Humidity:  25 to 60% Non-condense.

       Outdoor Life:   24 ~ 36 Month


     1. Recommended to be stored indoors at a temperature between 5~30°C.
     2. The shelf-life is 12 months, when stored as above.
     3. Care must be taken to avoid contamination of inks and substrates.
     4. Check that the preheat settings are as recommended

Note:   also available at 1L /Bottle



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